Our Workshops

Experience the thrill of on-Screen and behind the camera magic with our Media Production Workshop and create your very own professional showreel

About our workshops

MediaLabsX offers immersive and hands-on media production workshops for students from 14 to 18. Our workshops offer valuable skills and knowledge to prepare and inspire students for careers in creative industries.

There is an introductory course for years 9-11, and an advanced course for 6th Form students.

The Acting Modules will teach the fundamental principles of writing, characterisation, acting to camera, and presenting.

The Production modules will focus on scripting, operating cameras and sound equipment, lighting, editing, producing and directing, and how to work collaboratively to solve creative problems.

As part of the our workshop, students will also have the opportunity to hear from a leading media industry name during a Ted-X style hour-long talk. This is an opportunity for students to gain insight into the industry and to ask questions about their future career paths.

Our experienced and connected team of professionals will guide each student through this rewarding workshop. Students will gain valuable transferable skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, that will benefit them in any future career.

This workshop will also act as an excellent opportunity to gain a competitive edge in creative industries. Students will receive a professional showreel showcasing their skills and talent to prospective colleges, universities, agents and employers.

Workshop Components

MediaLabsX offers a variety of modules that give students the opportunity to learn practical media production skills. Students can choose from two groups, Acting or Production.

Acting Modules

Characterisation: students will learn how to develop well-rounded characters, including their backstory, motivations, and relationships. They will also explore different acting techniques, such as method acting, character analysis, and physicality.

Acting to Camera: students will learn how to act effectively for the camera, including techniques such as blocking, eye lines, and continuity. They will also explore different types of shots, such as close-ups and medium shots, and how to use them to enhance their performance.

Acting on Green Screen: Students will learn how to act in front of a green screen, a technique commonly used in film and television production. They will learn the basic principles of green screen acting, including how to imagine the environment they are in and how to interact with virtual objects.

Presenting: students will learn how to present themselves confidently and professionally on camera, whether it's as a news anchor, YouTuber, or presenter. They will learn how to engage with their audience, speak clearly and concisely, and use visual aids effectively.

Production Modules

Scripting: students will learn how to write a script that effectively communicates their creative vision, including dialogue, action, and scene descriptions. They will also learn how to format a script and understand the basics of screenplay structure.

Operating Cameras and Sound Equipment: students will learn how to operate professional cameras and sound equipment. They will also learn how to set up and frame a shot, adjust focus and exposure, and record high-quality audio.

Lighting: students will learn how to create mood and atmosphere through lighting, including the use of different types of lights, color gels, and diffusers. They will also learn how to set up and position lights for different types of shots, such as close-ups and wide shots.

Editing: students will learn how to edit footage using professional software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. They will learn how to assemble footage, cut together a sequence, and add transitions and effects. They will also learn how to color grade footage and mix audio.

Producing and Directing: students will learn how to produce and direct a project from start to finish, including creating a budget, scheduling, and managing a crew. They will also learn how to give effective feedback, work collaboratively, and solve creative problems.

Self-Shooting and Social Media: Students will learn how to create professional-looking content using their smartphones, including shooting techniques, green screen app usage, and how to utilise various features of their phones to create visually engaging content. They will also learn how to optimise their content for social media platforms.

Shooting on Green Screen: Understand how to work with lighting and camera placement when working with green screen. Editing green screen footage and adding virtual scenes and props

All students will benefit from the same level of first hand industry expertise and throughout the workshop create a high quality showreel to showcase their new found skills.